Our History

The Theological and Business College of Community of Fe Ministries is born from the very heart of God, through a prophetic Word imparted by the Apostle and Prophet Byron Walter, a few years ago. This Word brought with her responsibility to obey her and fulfill her.

This is how we set ourselves the task of establishing an education center of excellence to train and prepare future apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers with the focus and vision of the Kingdom of God.

We started in 2016, with the support of committed men and women of God who came together believing to achieve what you as a student can enjoy today.

We started under the coverage of Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College, and its President Dr. George Siemer, in Tampa, Florida; with whom we always had the support and collaboration to undertake this project.

We have the legal approval of the Florida State Department, under the office of the Independent Education Commission where we can issue religious vocational degrees in theological, counseling, fine arts, social communication programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Fe Ministries Theological and Community Business College is to provide students with all the tools necessary for their personal, ministerial and business development through an educational program focused on the person and principles of Jesus Christ. Our teaching is characterized by bringing revelation, enlightenment, teaching, and activation through the Word of God.

Our Vision

The Theological and Community Business College of Fe Ministries exists to train, develop and empower believers as relevant and renewed leaders in spiritual understanding and knowledge under the 4 pillars of power that exist in the Kingdom in:

1. Revelation
2. Lighting
3. Delivery and
4. Activating the Blessed Word of God

In order to transform your social environment in order to fulfill the assignment in the Church of Christ.


The theological and Community Business College of Fe Ministries aims to instruct, train and prepare the student for his spiritual, ministerial and intellectual growth, so that he can diligently and excellently serve God, his church and the community in general, so that purpose and destiny are revealed in God’s plan.

Academic Philosophy

The Board of Directors of the Theological and Community Business College of Fe Ministries understand that instruction and direction are very important to administer with wisdom, intelligence and knowledge the gifts, talents and skills that God has given us, because without it the vision will be lost and the assigned ministerial destiny and purpose cannot be achieved.

We maintain as fundamental pillars the principles of the Kingdom of God set forth in the Bible and believe that they are sufficient guidance for doctrinal matters, and for the direction, structure, and mission of the Church.