We welcome you to the Theological and Business College of community of faith, our commitment is to instruct, train and prepare students to achieve spiritual, ministerial and intellectual growth so that they are activated to service with greater diligence and excellence to God, his church and the community at large.

The programs offered are Bible-centered and entirely Christ-centric, and are designed to form competent gospel ministers prepared to use the Word of truth well and that reflect Christ’s character in all that they do.

The students of the Theological and Business College of Community of Faith, are characterized because they have received among others:

  1. Fundamental Teaching
  2. Professed Teaching
  3. Revealing Teaching.

The knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and interpretation of the Bible are our allies for the improvement of each student, knowing that it comes from God so that each student can fulfill his or her assignment and purpose.

For the directives of the institution is a commitment to God first, and with students to give the best so that in each of them what is established in 2 Timothy 2: 15 15 Diligently seek to introduce you to God approved, as a worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, who uses the word of truth well.


Martha Suarez de Orjuela