Mark Twain said: “The two most important days of our lives are the day we were born and the day we discovered why we did it.”

Every calling has three stages: preparation, consecration, and manifestation. And every move of God has been marked by an awakening in the heart of a generation.

I have lived to love the scriptures and their transformative power in the lives of those who, at the feet of the Master, chose the best part. I am the result of the sum of many men and women of God who left a mark on my life, through a legacy of teaching and preaching the Word,

Men who taught me and revealed to me the kingdom and the 4 pillars of those of us who were called to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus through the power that exists in the Kingdom in:

  1. Revelation

  2. Lighting

  3. Delivery

  4. Activation of the blessed word of God.

We need to know what we believe in and why we believe it and the integral preparation of the Word and Spirit is vital to this. We need solid foundations of sound doctrine and the Spirit to vivifie the letter and be able to apply its effectiveness in a world full of challenges.

The holy calling is the most beautiful privilege a believer receives and his columns must stand firm on the eternal foundations of the kingdom.

Every mature believer must have judgment, mindset, and language of kingdom. And the theological university of Community of Faith has been designed in order to prepare and equip by the Holy Spirit,

• Gifts
• A unations
• Appeals
• Assignments
• Mantle in the Kingdom

Our mission is to prepare, equip, train, and send men and women to establish the kingdom on earth. My passion is to build a university where your students experience the power of the living word and thus raise a hotbed of competent ministers of the gospel, committed to filling the earth with the knowledge of its glory.

So, with my full commitment and that of our chair of teachers, we welcome you and believe that you will be empowered, precept upon precept and concept on concept, to effectively handle the sword of the Spirit and fulfill God’s purpose for this generation.

Dr. Herman Davila